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Pazartesi, 25.03.2019

General Information
Giresun Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology was established in 1998 within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. In 2001-2002 academic year, the department started to take students. The language of instruction is Turkish.

Degree Awarded
Students who successfully complete all of the courses in the program (totaling 240 ECTS) and obtain a GPA of at least 2.0 out of 4.00 will receive a Bachelor's Degree in BIOLOGY.



Program  Profile
The aim of the Department of Biology is to educate biologists who are able to design basic and applied research studies, produce solutions to the problems in their field and have independent thinking ability.
Our aim as biology department is to be a high level and leader in biology field which keeps the scientific activities in the field of biology as well as the scientific activities at the international level and is capable of following up advanced technologies and contributing to education in our country with education and research activities, to make it a part of the location.
The Department of Biology consists of seven sub-branches: General Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Botany, Zoology, Hydrobiology.
Our department is trying to educate its students in the best way with its strong teaching and researcher teaching staff. Our department has a high research performance with GU-BAP, TUBITAK and other external support. It provides a positive atmosphere for students to learn and research. Student tries to train students with the latest technology in laboratories. It encourages the willing and successful students to participate in research in research laboratories, direct their students to work in a postgraduate study, make an academic career and earn their living as an academician.

Admission and Registration Terms
Students who want to enroll in a department must complete the process determined by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) within the academic and legal regulations of the university and gather the necessary points in the exams. A student who is studying in the equivalent program at domestic or abroad may apply for a transfer. Acceptance of students is examined at the beginning of the semester, the conditions of each student and the degree to which he / she has applied will be taken into consideration. More information about entry to the university is available in the University Presentation Catalog. Students who come from abroad as part of the student exchange program approved by the University and bounded by an agreement can take courses in English in the department. If the student has sufficient proficiency in Turkish language, he / she can enroll in any course given in the Course Plan.


Examinations, Assessment and Grading
Semester / year evaluation for any course consists of homework, practice and other studies provided that there is at least one midterm exam. Each course is evaluated; the contribution rates of the midterm, homework, practice and other studies in which the students are responsible are taken into consideration. Success grade is calculated through ;  semester evaluation and the semester / final exam grades. The contribution to the achievement grade of the semester / final exam is determined by the course's instructor as at least 40% and as high as 60%. If the student does not take the semester mid term exam, finall exam and/or year-end  make-up exam, the relevant student is considered unsuccessful. In order to be taken into consideration as succesfull in a course, the student must have a semester grade of 60 points from a total of 100. Students who fall below this score are considered to fail directly.

Graduation Requirements
Students who have taken one of the AA, BA, BB, CB and CC letter grades from all of the courses available in the program (for a total of 240 ECTS credits) are deemed to have completed that course. Students who receive one of the letter grades DC, DD, FD and FF will be considered as unsuccessful. Students who achieve at least a 2.0 weighted grade out of 4.00 and who have successfully completed the completion work are entitled to graduate with the title 'Biologist'.

Access to Further Studies
Candidates who have successfully completed their undergraduate education can take graduate (master's and doctoral) programs on the condition that they have to take a valid score from the ALES exam and have sufficient knowledge of English language.

Employment Profiles of Accomplishments
The possibilities of finding employment for our associates are generally as follows:
(Ministry of Environment, Forestry, Agriculture, Health, Tourism), universities, state and private hospitals (laboratories, laboratory baby units, genetic diagnosis center), private sector (food and drug factories AR-GE and / or salesperson and environmental consultant), Forensic Medicine Institute, General Directorate of Security, Screed Institute, Tourism Facilities, Aquaculture Institute, TUBITAK, DPT, DSİ, Teaching (if they get a formation certificate) and Municipalities.